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The simplest, quickest and most secure way to book is online. You are welcome to call our Contact Centre on t +353 1 526 24 64 should you have any questions or require assistance, but please note that booking and payment must take place online. For security purposes, we do we accept credit card information over the phone. If preferred, you may email your questions to, and we will get back to you as quickly as possible.

Missing your e-ticket? Please fill in your email address and booking number and we will send you a new one:


As a general rule, all tickets are sold as non-refundable and without any provision to change or exchange, but we will treat each case individually and work with our suppliers to try to assist you.

Please email, and be sure to include your order number.

In all cases, we will work with our suppliers wherever possible in an attempt to refund or resell your tickets. This process can take time, and it is not unusual to not know if a supplier has been able to assist until 1-2 weeks after the event date. If successful, a refund, less applicable cancellation fees, will apply. No refund is possible on unsold tickets.

Cancellation Protection

Cancellation protection is available for purchase, providing you with coverage in the event of illness, accident or death. This coverage applies to you, a travelling companion or an immediate family member.

What is covered?
In the event of illness, accident or death, Cancellation Protection guarantees a full refund on your order, less the 5% purchase price. This coverage applies to you, a travelling companion or an immediate family member and is in effect at the time of purchase until the date when you leave home to travel to the event.
Send an email to to notify us of your cancellation before your scheduled event date

How much does it cost?
Cancellation protection costs 5% of the total cost of your order.

Medical certificate:
Cancellation Protection is only available for purchase at the time of your initial ticket purchase and is offered on ticket orders of up to 9 passengers. The 5% fee for Cancellation Protection is non-refundable.

How do I activate my Cancellation Protection?
Return a doctor’s note or medical certificate by email or by post, along with a copy of your cancellation protection, for receipt no later than two weeks from notice of cancellation. The note should clearly state the doctor’s full name, address and telephone number. Please send the medical certificate and a copy of your cancellation protection by post to our postal address:
Ticmate AB
Nygränd 10, 1tr
111 30 Stockholm

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